1. Firstly put on your socks and ghillie brogues together with your garter flashes. Ensure that your socks are both the same height on your legs with garter flashes placed on the side of your leg. To tie your ghillie brogues laces take a lace in either hand and twist them round five times then cross them over around the back of your leg and then tie them on the front of your leg.

2. Next put on your shirt and cuff links.

3. The next garment to put on is your kilt. The pleats go to the back of the wearer. Buckle the kilt strap to the left first then buckle the kilt strap to the right. Ensure the kilt is worn 2 inches above the hip bone. Also, ensure the kilt is centred. To do this check that the centre line on the front of the kilt is exactly running down the centre of the wearer.

4. Next put on the sporran. Put each chain strap through the back of the kilt loops and buckle them together. The height of the sporran should be just below the groin area.

5. If you have a belt put this on around your kilt next and if you have kilt loops put them through them. Ensure that your belt buckle sits in the centre of your kilt.

6. Put the bow/ruche tie on and adjust this to fit your collar size.

7. Finally, put on your waistcoat and jacket. If you are wearing a flower or corsage place on your left hand lapel.

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