To assist in measuring for your kilt hire/bespoke highland outfit please go to the SELF MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS which will help you give us the sizes we require to arrange the outfit of your dreams.

When you have collated the sizes we require please fill in the details on the hire order form and we will do the rest for you.

If you already have your outfit but are unsure if you are wearing it properly please use the PUTTING ON YOUR KILT section giving you the confidence to wear your outfit with pride.

Although you will be supplying sizes our fully trained experts in store will check that the details you have given us are as expected and will be able to spot if there are any discrepancies and will advise accordingly.

Self Measurement Instructions

KILT: Feel for the top of your hip bone with your thumb and while standing straight and upright, feet together, have someone measure from the top of your hip bone to the middle of your kneecap to get the length.

Then take your waist size (not on top of clothing) with the tape fairly tight. Finally, with the tape running quite freely, with your feet together, measure around your widest part of your seat to get your seat size. This can be done over clothing and is best done from the side.

JACKET: Two measurements are required. Chest size with the tape running freely, then with your arm by your side, wearing one of your own jackets have someone measure from the crown at the shoulder to the cuff, ensuring that you are happy with the sleeve length.

COLLAR SIZE: Required for correct size of shirt.

HEIGHT: Required to determine jacket length.

NOTE: Highland ghillie brogues are crafted with the allowance of wearing thick kilt socks, so do not add anything to your shoe size.

We not only sell complete outfits we also offer guidance on individual items to update your existing outfit